Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is action research?

Action research, in the educational field, is a type of reflective inquiry. It is a type of inquiry that is meant for finding a solution to a particular problem or serve as a means of answering a particular curiosity. Action research is a way of taking charge of the ever changing demands of schools, educating one's self further , and continuously developing professionally. As one begins the process of action research, they must start with a question or particular problem, gather data, and decide on a course of action. So where would a leader or instructor begin? Administrators and teachers are faced with issues daily, the principal could conduct a survey among his staff, issues could be addressed during team leadership meetings, professional learning communities and district meetings. Collaboration between administrators and instructors plays a crucial role in this quest for knowledge. During these school wide collaborations and through other means of research is where, hopefully, answers reveal themselves, and then a plan of action is decided upon and takes place. The goal of action research is to  make a positive impact on student's lives and their education!

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