Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leaders and Blogging

Leaders can use blogs for various reasons. Blogging gives the leader a voice and an opportunity to reflect and share what's working and what's not, or simply to address concerns. Blogging is an effective use of technology to communicate; this can be a means or bridging the gap of communication between the community, parents, and staff. Furthermore, these blogs may help to create and foster a sense of autonomy for all involved. Not only is blogging an ideal and effective tool for leaders in educational settings, but can also prove to be a very effective tool for teachers in the classroom. This technology will allow teachers to share and reflect on their experiences in the classrooms. Blogging can allow teachers from all over the world to share in personal and professional development, effective strategies, creating engaging lesson plans, and to keep informed of current or new instructional technologies or trends. Blogging can and should be used for a plethora of reasons.

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