Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reflection of Course

Reflection of Course
 This course was really user friendly and we had a many resources that we could refer too that were very helpful along the way.
The videos were insightful, as they set us up and paved the path for the direction we were going. I enjoyed watching the videos  from the administrators, sharing what they thought action research was, how they used it and how valuable it was.
The discussion boards were very helpful. It’s always nice to be able to communicate and learn from those who are on the same journey as you. There was a few times, i felt lost, and then reading the discussion boards would help me to put things into perspective.
The weekly conferences, I found to be very helpful and really put a more personable stamp on the course. I learned so much from these. Even when I could not attend, I would always watch the recordings. In these conferences, a lot of questions were answered.
Of course, the assigned readings were very helpful. Reading the assigned chapters explained everything and brought to light what action research really was and how useful it is to use a s a leader and even a as teacher!!!
The blogs were also very informative and really fun to create and build. I enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and learning. Creating this blog was also another way to communicate with those who are on the same journey as yourself. 
I learned so much in this course and am eager and excited to see the results of the action research projects. I am sure this will prove to be a very valuable lesson and tool for continuous learning.

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